Architecture as Craft Studio

Cottage for Norton Commons

This course was about developing an understanding of the craft of making buildings and building elements and bringing architectural thought into tangible form. It addressed the logic and art of materials, its workmanship, its study, and its communication. For the purposes of this class, the following definition was given:

“Craft is the studied application of accumulated skill, knowledge and understanding in the form of our material culture. In architecture this includes artifacts, the decorative arts, buildings, cultivated landscape, urban form and public art that require technical as well as aesthetic knowledge, and are manifest in choice of materials as well as methods of workmanship.”

The studio enjoyed the privilage of providing design solutions for the developer of Norton Commons, David Tomes, who provided a real site and program for the semesters project. He also offered a generous donation towards an academic scholarship should Norton Commons LLC choose to build any of the student proposals.

To inform our designs, we traveled to Kentucky where we studied and documented the site provided by Mr. Tomes as well as the buildings and building elements of Old Louisville, St. James Ct., Belgravia Ct., and Cherokee Triangle. Each member of the class crafted a cottage for a specific lot. The final project for the cottage was drafted with graphite onto three 24 x 36 sheets.

Constructed perspective