While I enjoy drawing and painting by hand, I really like the precision of a computer. Using programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Revit a design can be represented down to the last nail! Once a design is modeled, it can be viewed any way you need it, and presented any way you want it.

Sketchup is my favorite modeling tool. It feels like building a model out of chipboard or wood, but much faster, more detailed, and more fun. Even though SketchUp doesn't package all the tools Revit does, it's a powerful, quick modeling tool. It allows you to visualize and study form, layout, daylight, material, and context. Models can be quickly built using CAD drawings or sketches. Using plugins like VRay, it's possible to get crystal clear images of a design. It's kind of like seeing with a better pair of glasses.

I am currently developing a repertoire of styles that takes advantage of computer precision without throwing traditional technique under the bus.